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We’re eco-conscious, curious and creative with a strong business community and a wealth of quality educational opportunities. We love our hometown feeling, the abundance of nature, and the easy-access to big cities. We are lucky to have bloggers like Sara Bozich who are passionate about the area and write about all the things and events in Harrisburg that make us cool, hip, relevant and exciting. Things like Restaurant Row on Second and North Streets, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, and City Island in the summer. Or our first class symphony with a Tony Award winning conductor, renowned youth ballet company, the Susquehanna Art Museum and stunning art shows. The Harrisburg region is truly a vibrant center of artistic, cultural, civic, and entertainment activity. There really is something for everyone.


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- Sara Bozich

Happy Weekend! ‘Tis the season — Harrisburg Beer Week is here. Official events all start tomorrow. Please send coffee and LaCroix. Tomorrow also is 3rd in the Burg, so if you’re not splurging on the VIP Party, get thee t [Read More]

- Sara Bozich

Taste beer. Taste coffee. Taste them together. With some pizza, too. Join Little Amps and Pizza Boy Brewing Co. for a Harrisburg Beer Week event of coffee and beer tasting on Thursday, April 26 from 5-7 p.m. at Little Am [Read More]

- Sara Bozich

Happy Weekend! Holla. Have you seen this forecast? It won’t last long, so soak in that warm weather while you can. The Harrisburg Senators have to be jazzed. I used to always go to the home opener until I realized I woul [Read More]